Saturday, July 2, 2011

yellow dot cafe

It's rare that I become obsessed with a sandwich.  Okay, I lie, I am a fan of some sandwiches, but in general, sandwiches seem so...boring.  There's nothing inventive about it.  So you toasted the bread?  I'm supposed to be impressed by that?

The fact that I'm apathetic about sandwiches only speaks volumes of how crazy the turkey chutney sandwich at Yellow Dot Cafe is. Granted, my family doesn't have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, so I usually don't have turkey sandwiches on a frequent basis (and especially not during the November - December time frame).

Anyway, Yellow Dot is this tiny place in South Lake Union--across the street from Flying Fish.

My coworker and I managed to grab lunch a little early that day, so we avoided the long line that forms around noon.

While they're not as fast as Jimmy John's (then again, who really is), the sandwich was ready for me in a few minutes.

This looks to be a bit too healthy to be tasty, doesn't it?

It's pretty good though--slices of roasted turkey and cream cheese add some salt, the cranberry chutney adds a hint of sweetness, and the sunflower seeds and a crunch that keeps the sandwich interesting.

I was actually conflicted writing a post about this place--it's kind of a hidden gem amongst the other restaurants (Flying Fish, re: public, all of the Tom Douglas establishments) in SLU. I wanted to be selfish and not tell anyone. Oh well, word's out now.

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