Saturday, July 2, 2011

wong's king

Dim sum is something that I rarely have, but love so, so much. I remember going to get dim sum every Sunday with my family after church. It was always a fun experience to watch carts roll by and point at dishes I wanted to try. It's not surprising that chicken feet was and still is not a dish that I'm itching to try.

While visiting Portland, my mom suggested that we check out Wong's King--a Chinese restaurant that opened up near my high school.

My sisters, mom, and I sat down right before dim sum was over. There were still a lot of tables, so I knew this place had to be good. Right away, in typical Mama T fashion, a million dishes were ordered.

The sticky rice was pretty good--savory with some peanuts mixed in for an added crunch.

The har gow made me extra excited and happy. The dumpling was cooked perfectly--had it been over done, it would have resulted in a chewy mess.

Interesting note: har gow should have 7 - 10 pleats in it. Other interesting note: if you spend time counting the pleats, there may not be any har gow left since they're so tasty.

We had a variety of other shrimp dumplings as well. The shrimp with chives was particularly good.

Shrimp with cilantro was also tasty. The only problem that I had was that there was too much filling for the wrapper--but that's not really a bad problem to have.

The pork spare ribs were awesome. If you have never tried these before, you should. I know they're not the prettiest, but they're so flavorful and the meat just falls right off the bone.

The shu mai was pretty tasty as well--granted, I don't think I've ever had a terrible shu mai. The dumpling consisted of ground up pork and small, chopped up pieces of mushroom, which gave it an interesting texture.

The calamari was freaking amazing. When my mom ordered it, I was thinking "really, mom, calamari?" Mama T isn't known to order the standard items off of a menu. She insisted that it was good and she was right. It was cooked perfectly--not overcooked to where to becomes rubbery. The best part was the spices that were incorporated into the calamari.

We rounded out our meal with some noodles and sticky rice. I was so full at this point, but I had a hard time stopping!

Mom: "Was that a good meal?"

Of course it was--I'm actually pretty happy that Wong's King wasn't open when I was in high school. I probably would have cut class just to get lunch there.

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