Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Oddfellows is this great restaurant in Capitol Hill that's part rustic and a whole lot of comfort food.  While we've only been here once before, it's a nice spot to swing by if you want a drink, some food, and time to relax.

It's fairly low key--and I kind of like that.  The table is made out of reclaimed wood--there's a minimalist decor about it that makes you zone in on the food.

J and I started off with an order of fries.

These fries were perfect--hand cut, fried to a perfect shade of golden brown, but not too overcooked.  They were served in a tin can with a side of ketchup and aioli.  Simply amazing.

J ordered the mac and cheese and a side of cod fritters.  The cod fritters were okay.  To be honest, I'm not entirely sure of what would make a great cod fritter.  They were cooked well and the sauce that accompanied it was great--I think it was the texture that just threw me off.

The mac and cheese was ridic though.  While it's a starter size, it's large enough for an entire meal.  Served in its own cast iron skillet, it's comes to your table bubbly and piping hot.  I like it because it's equal parts gooey and not too heavy on the breadcrumb crust.

I had the duck confit--which fancy for "duck leg cooked in its own fatty deliciousness".  The duck was cooked perfectly--nice and moist.  The skin was crispy (which is another amazing part of duck)--I didn't really care for the beans and the seasoning was a bit salty, but overall, it was a pretty spectacular dish.

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