Saturday, July 16, 2011

humphry slocombe

Anyone who creates a scotch ice cream is a winner in my book.  Listen, a good, classic ice cream is good--but every now and then, don't you want something that pushes the envelope?  Something that throws your taste buds in for such a loop that you just want more?

Enter Humphry Slocombe--an unassuming ice cream shop in the Mission in SF.

The setting is cute--very vintage with the red swivel seats and simple patio furniture.  It sets the stage for some crazy, bold flavors for ice cream though.

Not only are the names creative, but the flavors really stand out as well.  The Limoncello Sorbet makes you think of the liquor--hyper sweet, a bit tarte.  I opted for the Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee since it made me think of my youth. 

Though I got a tiny cup, man was it packed with flavor.  It made me think of the cups of coffee my mom drank when I was younger--slow dripped coffee mixed with condensed milk.  It was heavenly!

J had gotten the chocolate--it tasted pretty good as well.

Before we left, I had to get a taste of that Glenlivet Scotch ice cream.  Though they only serve it with the Hot Toddy Sundae, they were happy to give me a little spoonful.  It was amazing--they somehow extracted all of the flavors of a perfectly aged single malt, but it had the texture of a normal ice cream!  My tongue was confused, but happy.

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