Tuesday, June 14, 2011

wayfare tavern

Oishii is expanding! Okay, just down to San Francisco. J and I landed in San Francisco on a super rainy afternoon and starving. Luckily, I had mapped out every culinary visit for our trip. Tucked away in the Financial District is Tyler Florence's newest restaurant, Wayfare Tavern.

Walking in, the restaurant looks like it's been there forever--there's dark wood, the overwhelming smell of rosemary. We were immediately seated upstairs--next to a table full of ladies who lunch. (Side note, how on earth are they able to get wasted on white wine in the middle of the week?)

So, usually I don't take pictures of bread, but this is brioche! Savory, flaky, delish brioche. Oh my heaven.

We were starving and ordered lunch and beers immediately. J got the fried chicken.

There were so many things that were perfect about this fried chicken. The skin was crisp, the chicken was juicy. It had this nice, garlic-herb flavor to it. And yes, that is fried thyme and rosemary.

We also ordered a side of the mac and cheese. I had read so much about it.

It was delicious and clearly indulgent.

I had ordered the croque madame, which was their special for the day.

Bechamel cheese? Yes! Ham? Yes!! Fried egg?! Oh wow...I think this would be fitting for a last-meal for me.

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