Saturday, June 11, 2011

top pot doughnuts

Yikes! Has it been a while or what? Luckily, I have still been eating, but I haven't been exactly writing.

So, sometime in March, I went to Top Pot Doughnuts on Capitol Hill to pick up some breakfast goods before the Husky basketball game. (Is it bad that I miss March Madness? It is awesome that I've beaten J two years in a row now though?!)

The Top Pot in Capitol Hill is the original location. Trivia note: the original name was "Topspot", but the "s" had fallen off in-transit. Also, Top Pot was meant to be more of a coffee place--they happened to inherit doughnut making equipment. Turns out, they were pretty good at making doughnuts and the rest is history.

Anyway, back to food. You walk into the cafe and there's this overwhelming smell of delicious fried goodness. A quick glimpse of at the case displays that morning's selection.

I pick up an assorted dozen, including a berry-filled, powdered sugar one for J.

The doughnuts were perfect--the dough was nice & fluffy. (Don't you just hate a heavy doughnut?) Pair it with some coffee, a Husky win, and I'd about say that it's a perfect morning.

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