Sunday, June 12, 2011


On occasion, Spitfire hosts UFC viewing parties. I had been to Spitfire before--it's kind of an upscale sports bar. In Seattle, we're definitely lacking those. However, my venture back to Spitfire was a little different than I had remembered.

While they were packed, the servers did their best to accommodate the crowd. I started off with this alcoholic sweet tea.

I have no clue what was in it, but it was the worst drink I've ever had. I think it had Jeremiah Weed sweet tea, lemon vodka, and some other stuff. It was bitter--I couldn't finish it. Lesson learned: stick to non-flavored vodka, scotch, wine, and beer.

So now on to the food. We ordered the carne asada tacos. The tacos were good overall--I was hoping to have something more on the lines of a taco truck taco though--the guacamole and salad made it a little more messy of a taco to eat.

I ordered the nachos. They were pretty standard--chips, cheese, sour cream, etc. Nothing too amazing--probably could have been better if I had been more drunk.

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