Wednesday, June 29, 2011

pau hana

Tucked away in Capitol Hill is a little Hawaiian restaurant called Pau Hana. I was craving spam (yes, that brick of mystery pork parts that's part terrifying, part amazingly tasty) so I knew I needed some spam musubi ASAP. Kona Kitchen is a little far, so we opted to head to Pau Hana since it was down the street.

You walk in and the decor is ridic. There are pictures of famous Hawaiian landmarks that litter the entryway. J stopped by and pointed out the places that were familiar to him from his childhood.

We sat down at the bar--the bartender was super friendly and attentive.

Since J had already eaten dinner, he ordered a drink while I poured over the menu. The menu has some standard Hawaiian dishes. I was starving (3.5 hours of business law will do it to ya) so I ordered spam musubi AND an order of kalua pig.

The food came out quickly and man did it smell amazing. The portions were huge too!

Waiter: "These both for you?"
Me: "Yeah."
Waiter: "Seriously? Awesome!"

The spam musubi was pretty tasty. The spam was sliced thin and fried up to perfection. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of the dish! Whoops, I had already eaten two pieces.

The kalua pig is cooked well. It's smokey and super tender. The cabbage could have been cooked a tad bit more, but I tend to like my cabbage overcooked.

The overall experience was great. I managed to get some great food in a relaxed atmosphere. Now if only the weather could mimic that of Hawaii's would I then be in paradise.

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  1. Mmmm I love mystery pork brick and have them stashed up in my house all the time. Maybe for our August hangout party, I should bring musubi. Wonder how many members of our team will actually eat it! :)