Saturday, March 12, 2011

sullivan's steakhouse

I drive by Sullivan's on a pretty regular basis, but I've never actually stopped by to check it out. J and I were super hungry on a Friday night, with no reservations. Luckily, there are a million iPhone apps out there to book a reservation. Sullivan's was open, and we were already downtown. With a few swipes on a touch-screen, we were there.

The bar was pretty packed--they had a live band playing Jay-Z as soon as we walked in. I'm pretty impressed with their scotch selection. Mental note: need to come back to try out scotch.

The dining room was further away and pretty quiet, despite the noise that was coming from the bar.

We started off with the jumbo lump crab cake.

Most crab cakes have a ton of fillers. Not this--this was mainly crab in the form of a cake. It was served with a spicy aioli and chive oil. It all worked really well, but I was hoping that there was just a touch of lemon juice to help cut through the heavy sauces. Regardless, it was so effing tasty.

I got a ribeye for my entree--sans sauces and butters (which, are offered, if you'd like them). Being naive, I didn't realize that most steakhouses actually finish their steaks with butter.

The quality of meat wasn't bad--it was still tasty, but it was a tad over (I like my meat rare, and it was pretty pink in the middle).

I chose mashed potatoes and mushrooms to share with J as our sides.

The mushrooms were really tasty--they had this slight flavor of balsamic vinegar on them. The mashed potatoes were pretty standard. Not the best I've ever had, but they weren't terrible.

J had a new york strip with bearnaise sauce and asparagus. Unfortunately, J's steak was a tad overcooked as well.

Overall, if you're going to go get steak, your best bet in Seattle is still The Met. The service was good, and we'll probably come back for a martini or scotch, but food left me feeling a little disappointed.

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