Monday, March 7, 2011

high five pie

Question, would you rather have this:

or this:

Am I a fatty if I decide on the pie? I'm much more of an Audi girl anyway. My Saturday morning included an outing to High Five Pie--a little pie shop that recently opened near Tavern Law, Barrio, oh and that Maserati dealership in Capitol Hill.

As soon as you walk in, you're hit with an aroma of pie crust. Gorgeous, flaky, pie crust. Taking a look at the case, you'll see a display of savory and sweet pies of all sizes.

I settled on a sweet and savory option. For the sweet, it was a petit apple pie.

It was this perfect little pie--sweet and cinnamon-y apple filling the most perfect pie crust.

It was pretty much gone in two bites.

For the savory option, I tried the potato-cheddar-dill pie.

The pie was like nothing I had ever tried--like a little pot pie (sans chicken) all rolled up in a hand held vessel. I'll admit--it was pretty darn tasty.

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