Wednesday, February 23, 2011

restaurant zoe

Restaurant Zoe is a place that seems almost too nice for Belltown. Not that there's anything wrong with Belltown. It's just that Restaurant Zoe is right next to Seesound Lounge, where a friend once had a party. She proceeded to puke right outside of Restaurant Zoe, where patrons and diners started at us, mortified. The hostess came outside and kindly asked if my friend could just go puke a few feet to the left, as to not disturb their patrons. So yes, that was my one memory of this place. So classy.

A few years later, I made reservations to eat at Restaurant Zoe with J. I had heard really good things about this place, and I was eager to have a new memory ingrained in my mind.

We were seated immediately and a warm server greeted us. I liked her--she was friendly, but not too overbearing. We started off with an amuse bouche.

It was an amuse of a salted puree of fish. I thought it was good--not too salty, not fishy, good balance. J (allergic to peanuts), had his fish on a spoon and disagreed. He said it tasted like a spoonful of fish.

Our next course was the wild boar bolognese. It was amazing. The boar was not gamey--it was tender and full of flavor. It was served with a pappardelle pasta, Parmesan, and there was a hint of heat.

An intermezzo was next of a celery root and apple puree with balsamic vinegar and bacon.

I personally thought it could have used more bacon. I kind of am obsessed with bacon--it would have brought more salt, flavor, and texture, but it was still pretty tasty.

Our entrees arrived. I had ordered the pan-seared duck. It was perfectly seared and still very rare in the middle--the way that duck should be. It was served with sauteed spinach, a sunchoke puree, and some meyer lemons.

J ordered the braised short ribs. He was very nice and gave me a little piece. It was served with some roasted potatoes and a small salad.

Finally, our dessert composed of a pot de creme (literally a pot of creme), which was silky smooth and super rich. It was the perfect dessert for such an amazing meal.

They also served this--I'm not sure what it was, but I really didn't like it. It reminded me of candy that was "healthy" candy and tasted like nothing.

Overall, the meal was amazing and we certainly left pleased. No puking patrons outside of our window either.

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