Saturday, February 5, 2011

i love sushi

I had lunch with my team at I Love Sushi, located on Lake Union near Joey's, Blu Water Bistro, and all of those yachts.  (Do people actually buy those boats?  There was a boat show, but I'm skeptical that any actual transactions occurred).

The restaurant was busy during lunch, but we only had a short wait. We were seated within 10 minutes and immediately served with hot tea, which was great for a cold, January afternoon.

I ordered the chirashi. It was good, especially for the amount of food you get with the lunch special price.

In comparison to other sushi places J and I frequent, the chirashi was good, but it wasn't phenomenal. Still, there was a good assortment of sashimi over a bed of rice.

My coworkers got a variety of bento boxes.

I was amazed at how much food you get! Maki, salad, miso soup--it was truly a good deal for the price.

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