Thursday, February 17, 2011

el camino

Mexican food is so delish--there's something really comforting when it comes to simple food. Actually, simple isn't quite the adjective to describe it--there are bold flavors, but what I really appreciate about Mexican food is that it tastes good without all of that hoopla.

Last Friday's dinner was a stop at El Camino--a favorite of M's (J would prefer Azteca. He and M duke it out and settle for El Camino).

I settled on the Mejillones Estilo El Camino, since I had already eaten nearly a dozen oysters prior to dinner at a different place. Also, M is allergic to shellfish, so I don't have to worry about him stealing my food. The mussels at El Camino were perfect--not overcooked (which would have made them chewy and me sad). The sauce that they cooked the mussels in was pretty divine too--garlic, chile, cream. The dish came with bread, so I was able to eat up all of that garlicky goodness. For an appetizer, it definitely filled me up.

Both J and M got the tacos. J had the carne asada ones (above) and M had the carnitas (below).

L had the Pipián Verde. I had never seen this dish before, but man, I wanted to try a bite. I didn't want to scare off M's girlfriend, so I abstained from stealing her food. It's fine though--the mussels were more than satisfying.

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