Saturday, February 5, 2011

collins pub

Tucked away in Pioneer Square is a great little pub with a large selection of beer, whiskey, and food.

It was fairly quiet when we walked in for lunch--I imagine that Pioneer Square is usually dead during weekend afternoons anyway.

I got the grilled tuna sandwich. It was a sesame crusted seared fillet of tuna, topped with wasabi aioli, seaweed salad, and pickled veggies. The sandwich was amazingly good--not greasy and a good balance of flavor. The wasabi aioli brought the proper amount of heat, and the seaweed salad and pickled veggies brought a nice texture to the sandwich.

Served with fries. Standard fries. A LOT of fries though.

J got the steak sandwich.

I couldn't take the pictures fast enough--he ate the sandwich quickly as it was delish.

We'll definitely be back to sample all of the beer they have there and watch a game or two.

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