Tuesday, January 11, 2011

wann izakaya

Happy hours are delightful. I will take a good deal on food and drinks almost any day. Wann (located in Belltown) offers happy hour on a daily basis, but more importantly, all day on Monday and Tuesday.

Seriously? All day? God, if they had wifi, I'd perma-hotel here.

The drink specials are pretty standard--a few draft beers, cheap well drinks, and tea cocktails (personally, being a scotch girl, I abstain from such fruity drinks). More importantly, it's the food that brings me back in.

I started off with some sake sashimi (5 delicious pieces for $7). There was also chicken tatsutaage (it's like a Japanese version of a chicken nugget--fried and delicious).

J had the sashimi platter which included pieces of sake (salmon), hamachi (yellow tail), tako (octopus), ahi (tuna), and albacore (sorry, not sure of what the translation is and I'm too lazy to Google Translate it. Free drink to the first person who replies with the answer!)

Unfortunately, it was a quick trip, as the snow started to fall and I needed to get home to blog work.

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