Sunday, January 16, 2011

uptown espresso

Saturday mornings are so calm in South Lake Union--so peaceful. On a morning stroll (en route to coffee), I checked out the site of the future Tom Douglas restaurants (rumor has it that it will be three different concepts! An Italian fusion restaurant, a tavern-like bar, and a small dumpling house. Pretty excited).

I can't wait--it looks like it will be a nice happy hour spot once it's open.

I wandered down to Uptown Espresso--"home of the velvet foam". The interior reminds me of my old piano teacher. The green carpet, the vintage furniture.

The cookies looked good, but I needed coffee. I'd be the first to admit that I'm addicted and I'm okay with that.

The latte was delish and strong--exactly what I needed for a Saturday morning.

Though foam isn't my favorite thing in coffee, I could see how people were into it. It was light, but creamy and didn't resemble anything that Marcel from Top Chef would put on his dishes.

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