Sunday, January 16, 2011


Friday night (after a few post-work bourbons, 2 to be precise and Blanton's to be specific), J, M, and I ended up at Shelter in Ballard in search of food and more drinks.

To those of you who haven't been to Ballard on a Friday night, it's typically packed with a hipster crowd. Shelter was no exception.

Luckily, the staff was very accomodating and cleared a table for us right away. A drink in, we were ready to eat.

The grilled cheese sounded amazing, but I opted for the carne asada with corn & mashed potatoes. M ordered the same and J got a few random sides.

The beef was a tad bit over-seasoned and over-cooked (M's turned out fine), but it was still edible. The corn was delicious--sweet with a touch of heat.

The chicken wings looked good. Breaded, fried, seasoned goodness.

One more drink in and we were ready to call it a night. I just can't go out like I used to.

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