Sunday, January 23, 2011

samurai noodle

Seattle is known for being cold--so on those cold days I manage to convince M that we need to run down to Samurai Noodle in the International District. It's a small restaurant that's in the same building as Uwajimaya.

Even if this place were bigger, I swear it'd still be perma-packed. It's always so busy and today was no exception.

I ordered some tonkatsu ramen and was mega excited.

There were super tender pieces of pork, al dente ramen noodles, and the AMAZING broth. Seriously, look at how delicious it is--it's this milky looking broth that has a rich, dense flavor from the thoroughly simmered marrow bones of a pig.

There's also some other random stuff in there that brings the ramen flavor (scallions, julienned mushrooms), but I'm mainly excited for the pork.

M got his usual--shoyu ramen with extra noodles...

...and a rice bowl. He always ends up concluding the meal with "I ordered too much food...I always do this."

Not me, although I'm pretty sure that if I ordered more food, I would have tried to channel Kobayashi and finish it.

So full. So happy.

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