Sunday, January 23, 2011

moshi moshi was offering an insane sale one day--they were selling $25 gift certificates for only $1. Naturally, I think I bought a ton of gift certificates, only to find out that you can only use one per restaurant, per visit, per month. Go figure.

Regardless, Moshi Moshi in Ballard was one of the places and J and I love going there.

It's nestled in a quieter part of Ballard (I guess if you can call Ballard quiet--I supposed it's the more bar-absent part of town), but the parking still sucks in that area.

Okay, so down to the food. I started off with some miso soup (since J is allergic and I'm a fatty, so I ate his soup).

My palate isn't good enough to determine what makes good miso soup from great miso soup. I just know it wasn't awful.

After the miso soup was uni--which is sea urchin roe. It's briny and has a velvety texture. It very different than tobiko (flying fish roe), which has more of a "bubble burst" effect in your mouth.

For the main course, I had chirashi. Chirashi is a bowl of rice topped with various sashimi. Today's chirashi bowl included tamago (egg), sake (salmon), ebi (shrimp), hamachi (albacore), tako (octopus) and some other stuff. It's definitely a lot of food, but it's so worth it.

J had a composed sashimi plate, which was kind of like my chirashi, but with just nicer cuts of fish.

It was very delicious and we'll be back. Not only because I'm an idiot and have 3 more gift certificates, but because it's also a nice place to eat.

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