Monday, January 17, 2011

buckley's in belltown

I love brunch. Breakfast is usually too early if I want to be lazy and lunch doesn't involve eggs. Brunch is the wonderful mixture of both. It involves bloody marys, poached eggs, and (during this time of the year) football games on TV.

The NFL playoffs were on TV, so J and I headed to Buckley's. We been there for numerous football games because there's free wifi, greasy food, and good drinks. There's also a shortage of sports bars in Seattle.

J ordered his usual chicken wings and onion rings. The wings were neon orange--usually signifying that they're tangy buffalo wings (being the pansy that I am, I can't handle the heat).

The onion rings were made of giant onions--I swear they're loaded with steroids. They're fried, delicious, and served with some sort of aioli.

Now, for the most amazing dish, ever. Evereverever. I ordered the Eggs Brenda, which is similar to a traditional Eggs Benedict. Poached eggs, hollandaise, bacon, spinach, on focaccia bread.

It's served with some sort of hash--I wasn't paying too much attention. How could you when you have perfectly poached eggs in front of you?! Runny, delicious, tasty goodness.

Does anyone know Wylie Dufresne? I need a fellow egg lover to join me on these adventures.

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