Sunday, January 23, 2011


Barolo is one of those swanky places that makes you feel like you're in LA. The decor is clean & modern, the staff is unusually attractive--and there's no parking. None. Ridic.

Anyway, it's not like all of those things are bad. The happy hour with my team was fun on Wednesday.

While happy hour is only held in the bar, they were gracious enough to hold a table for our team (consisted of 14 of us) for that afternoon. It was extremely nice of them, as very few restaurants would be willing to do that.

I got there early because I wanted to maximize the hours of happiness prior to class. I patiently sipped on the $3.50 glass of red wine (seriously, that's such a good price), and snacked on foccacia and tapenade until the rest of the team made it down there.

The rest of the team arrived maybe 5 - 10 minutes after I did and we proceeded to order a few appetizers.

The tuna tartare looked really good. It was devoured before I knew it, but everyone gave it really good reviews.

The escargot was only eaten by maybe...3 people? I personally l-o-v-e LOVE it. It's drenched in this buttery, garlicy, goodness. If you mentally get past the fact that it's a snail (it really doesn't taste like anything and it's chewy like calamari), you'll be fine. Plus, once you're done eating the escargot, you can dunk that foccacia bread into the remaining buttery, garlicy, goodness.

The mussels were delish--the broth that it was steamed in was amazing. There were some red chili flakes, lemongrass, garlic, white wine (maybe? I'm just trying to pretend I know what's going on). All I know is that it was a nice mix of bold flavors and that the mussels were steamed properly--still plump and not too dry.

Unfortunately, I had to run to class, but Barolo is a place I'd like to return to for more happy hours one this whole MBA-thing is done.

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